Nawart is a collective of independent reporters and an association based on the idea of turning its members’ individual workload into an innovative ground for intellectual, human and professional exchange.

Nawart relaunches the idea of a journalistic and media production workroom aimed to provide accurate and original contents to English language and foreign media outlets. It hails from the synergy between people from different backgrounds and personalities, who acknowledged as a common goal the need of supplying new informative tools, as opposed to those proposed by the mainstream media, to its users.


We chase stories and share the details of the realities we encounter through reportage, articles and analysis. Cameras and tripods in hand, we take pictures and shoot video-reportage and documentaries, creating a bridge and filling gaps between readers, viewers, and multi-faceted communities.

We provide NGOs with assistance, media coverage and visibility.


We spread alternative information that surpasses stereotypes. We give voice to stories and people who, otherwise, often fall unnoticed and sink into oblivion.

We use new technologies (e.g. multimedia, webdoc, audiodoc, podcast, infographics, interactive maps) to capture key events and, by sharing them online, we aim to establish a long-standing and dynamic dialogue with our followers.

While using social networks to spread bits of people’s lives and accounts, our blog will make hard topics approachable. By using a concise and straightforward language, we will shorten the distance between readers and the world outside.

In order to tear down barriers and borders we do not believe in, the website has been conceived in three languages — English, French and Italian — but we hope we will be able to add more in the forthcoming future.

Nawart Press CV


The Railway Diaries has been the first journalistic project of Nawart Press. It richly documents a long journey by land from Venice to Samarkand, through Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Kurdistan and Iran, into the remote lands of Central Asia. Through a collection of reportage, tales, pictures, videos and articles, we explored twelve of the countries scattered along the legendary Silk Road, focusing on those “middle” lands and their often-forgotten stories. To know more click here.

The Railway Diaries project told big news like the refugees flow on the eastern European coasts, giving the voice to the women, both those who are politically and socially actives in their societies both those who have been in put in the shade.
Nawart Press is currently producing a 5 episodes series that will portray 10 incredible women met during the journey of The Railway Diaries.


Far Right: A New Frightening Normal.

Fortress Europe is crumbling. The principles of democracy, equality and freedom of movement are gradually falling apart, to be replaced by hostility and hatred towards the other, tangible and intangible walls, as well as frenzied quests for out-dated and monolithic identities that clash with the EU’s common values and nurture selfish interests.

The political vacuum left by traditional parties and institutions gave the far right its chance to rise and prosper. Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and Poland. Far Right is a journalistic project of articles, analyses – available on the Magazine of Nawart – video reportages, and a documentary movie (Al Jazeera).

Nawart’s Team

Nawart’s team is composed by:

Costanza Spocci, founder – journalist
Eleonora Vio, founder – journalist
Giulia Bertoluzzi, founder – journalist
Tanja Jovetic, Press Office

We have been pleased to collaborated until now with:

Fanny Ohier, journalist and French editor
Joseph Shawyer, freelanceand English Editor
Tommaso Zerbini, audio and sound technician
Ines Della Valle, photographer
Small Boss, production company
118 Libri
Marco Cacioppo

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