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Giulia Bertoluzzi

Giulia Bertoluzzi

I came across this profession by accident. Or perhaps it was natural, given my insatiable appetite for travelling and exploring. I’d never tried to imagine myself six months ahead, but now, looking backwards, I see that everything I did was meant to be. After taking a degree in Humanities at the University of Bologna and a Master in European Studies at the University of Brussels, I worked for several institutions. Despite my engagement in Northern Europe, the call to the Middle East returned. After completing a final dissertation on the role of the media in the Egyptian and Tunisian Revolutions, I finally left for the Middle East. First in Lebanon then in Egypt, the complex reality I was reporting changed me deeply. For two and a half years I worked as part of a team of freelance journalists, reporting from Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank and Turkey. With Nawart I wanted to not only give myself another challenge but also propose a model of responsible journalism.

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