Myanmar, le viol comme arme

En décembre 2017, la journaliste Eleonora Vio (Nawart Press) et le photographe Gabriel Berretta se sont rendus au Bangladesh à la rencontre des réfugiés rohingya. Brisant le silence dans lequel leurs souffrances les avaient emmurées, certaines femmes se sont confiées, parfois pour la première fois.

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Eleonora Vio

Eleonora Vio

It might sound naive, but my decision to pursue the ill-advised profession of freelance journalist stemmed from my insatiable curiosity and keenness for adventure. Perhaps it was linked to a Master degree in London, time spent in Iran, various internships around the world or the scholarship I was awarded by Qatar University. But if I hadn’t followed my natural inclinations since I was child, if I hadn’t decided to disregard the obvious and embrace the diverse, I would not have pushed it so far, I love writing and photography, but cannot live without piles of books and rock music pumped in my ears. I’ve lived in India, Qatar, Palestine and Egypt. With the launch of Nawart Press, I am as thrilled as I was before those first trips as a backpacker.

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